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Structured Road Map and Checklist

We provide a structured learning environment that helps get you from being a novice to being able to invest competently on your own. Key to this is a simple checklist to keep you on the path. 

Online education

Valuation Template

One of the most common questions students ask is "How do we value a company?" We make that simple by providing a template for you to estimate intrinsic values for a company. 

Trending course


We believe we learn better by learning together. On top of being part of a like-minded community, your coach will provide one-to-one private handholding during the first year when you sign up for the Investment Blueprint.

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What people say about me and my course

Amanda Burton

Adam McNeilly

Your teaching is always so clear and so valuable. I'm really enjoying the modules. :)

Manuella Dolores

Caleb Khoo

I have known Joshua for many years, and all this while he has been such a wonderful mentor to me. He is knowledgeable in both the financial as well as the technical side of investing, which is very rare and thus highly valuable. He is a patient teacher and is more than willing to go to the extra mile to help his students. 

I would highly and unreservedly recommend Joshua to anyone who wants to learn more about investment.

Josh Johnson

Song Ann Lim

I've known Joshua since high school and greatly applaud his endeavour to shape more lives by sharing his wisdom. He possesses the critical attributes of a great mentor:  broad and deep knowledge + robust framework backed by years of industry experience;  passion, diligence,  integrity, altruism and temperament. I have greatly benefited from his insights in many dimensions.   Joshua is one of the very few industry guys whom I would recommend friends to learn from

Yuri Sherkozy

Ryp Yong

I just watched ur first webinar and need to say this - awesome possum!!! cant wait to tune in to the remaining ones...I watched the last 3 webinars in a row tonight and it was extremely helpful in my investing journey! thank you very much!

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