Welcome to our "Interview Lounge"! Here we have recordings of some interviews and live sessions I have conducted over the years. Enjoy!

100-bagger investment deep dive

How do I find investments that can potentially turn $1 into $100? What traits do they have?

What I would tell myself 20 years ago!

10 things I would tell myself in the area of :

  • Faith
  • Career choices
  • Handling money
  • Investing

Small Steps to Big Changes with Kenneth Kwan

  • Win Small, Win More
  • Solution Focused
  • Setting up an environment for your team to win

Real Estate Investing with Aaron Bennett

Aaron Bennett has an inspiring faith journey of how he started building homes IN NEW ZEALAND, whilst he was attending Hillsong College in Sydney Australia! Bennett Homes now probably builds the most homes in Matamata each year!

What should you look for when buying a new home?
What is the role that his faith in God has played?

From Debt to Mortgage Freedom in 5 years!

Bourne is only 32 and Brittany 28 but paid off their house mortgage in 5 years, in the midst of COVID! 

- Bourne had $24k in debt 5 years ago when they got married
- He started on almost minimum wage, and actually lost his job!
- 3 years later, they have paid that off , INSPIRATIONAL!