Allow the stock market to surprise you

Allow the stock market to surprise you

"Allow the market to surprise you."

What do I mean?

We talked about laser focus to help us select what IN OUR VIEW could be great investments. What we need to do next, is let the thesis play out.

If you have taken the right steps so far, there should be a better than even chance that you have selected a decent investment.

However, being the humans that we are, we often want the idea to work almost immediately. Unfortunately, that is now how investing works. Investing is a process of slowly, slowly, slowly, then suddenly!


Because the initial stages will feel slow. It even feels like nothing is really moving and the investment does not seem to be performing much better than other options. However, after a period of time, that SMALL difference in performance each year compounds, and SUDDENLY, the outperformance is obvious. Sometimes, it even delivers an exponential return as more market participants come around to the idea.

That's how it grows, slowly, slowly, slowly, then SUDDENLY.

Joshua Fong, CFA

Article by Joshua Fong, CFA

Published 30 Nov -0001