Are you willing to trek the long and arduous road?

Are you willing to trek the long and arduous road?

These days we are often encouraged to think BIG, think POSITIVE, speak LIFE! All fantastic, and I do all of them myself. I even have a physical and digital vision board I look at all the time.

We all want to be like King David, Joseph, Boaz etc.

But, how many of us are willing to:
- Face rejection (David was almost an afterthought as Jesse didn't seem to be interested in presenting him to Samuel initially)?

- Fight the lion and the bear?

- Be on the run most of your young adult life?

- Have your wife taken from you and given to another?

- Do the right thing even if it may cost you your life?

- Be misunderstood?

- Get betrayed by your brothers?

- Get sold as a slave?

- Learn how to manage a household / business from the ground up (or in our modern context, parenting and dealing with business / staffing issues)?

- Be wrongly accused?

- Learn how to manage the worst of society?

- Be generous with your wealth?

- Be kind and take care of others?

The list is pretty long.

Because often, the path to becoming a Boaz, Joseph or David, can be pretty long and arduous. It is also very tempting, and probably easier, to give up and just coast.

What is your choice?

Joshua Fong, CFA

Article by Joshua Fong, CFA

Published 01 Jan 2023