Ruth Truth 9: Working for a day's wage

Ruth Truth 9: Working for a day's wage

"She came into the field and has remained here from morning till now, except for a short rest in the shelter." Ruth 2:7

Well, I've written quite a few "inspiration" type posts but today is a bit more sober. We all want to be financially free, to have a good life etc and there is nothing wrong with that. 

The phrase that jumped out at me is "except for a short rest". Remember, Ruth is a young girl, and there she is, out in the hot sun, bending over and picking up leftover grain. Not exactly the most fun job!

I am absolutely convinced that with a snap of His fingers, God can rain money down on you and you then don't have to work a single day of your life. But I am not sure that is actually "good" for us. Also wouldn't we just be seeing Him as Santa Claus or a genie? 

Remember my interview with Bourne and Brittany? They were working 6 days a week, doing 2 jobs each, and living on one income, just so that they could clear their debt and get mortgage free as soon as possible. 

Was it tough? For sure! 

Will people around you think you are crazy or that you should have "balance" in your life? Of course!

But we have a choice. And often, that choice is just "training ground". Because if we can't handle what is little and temporal, why should we be given more?

Told ya this was a sober post! 

I know it's a somewhat "harsh" reality check and some might say not "life-giving" but my purpose in writing this is to give a different perspective that whilst it might seem HARD GOING for now, combined with the favour that came from Boaz, it can become a breeze. 

BUT, we might first need to step out and get in the hot sun and bend over to pick some grains. :)

Joshua Fong, CFA

Article by Joshua Fong, CFA

Published 09 Oct 2022