A: Building Strong Financial Foundations


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A: Building Strong Financial Foundations

About Course

Build strong biblical foundations for managing your personal finance. 

Course content

videoWarnings and Disclaimers Start
videoIntroduction Start
videoCourse Overview Start
videoIt's all about the heart Start
videoWhat is Money - The 2 Kingdoms Start
videoThe Path of True Financial Freedom Start
videoTruths to set us free Start
videoFig Leaves Start
videoThrive Model Start
videoDebt and Flying Start
videoGet Out Of Debt Plan Start
videoCash vs Cash Flow Start
videoClose the Circle and Direct The Flow Start
videoMoney Bags Overview Start
videoTithing Start
videoGenerosity Start
videoSave Spend Extinguish Emergency Start
videoMoney Bags in Action Start
videoInsurance as a Risk Management Tool Start
videoExponential Income Formula Start
videoSide Hustle Start
videoHome Ownership and Mortgage Start
videoShould I buy the biggest house I can afford? Start
videoRule of 72 Start
videoJack and Jill Start
videoFinancial Growth Pyramid and Rates of Return Start
videoBasic Principles of Investing Start
videoLong Term Mindset Start
videoInvestment Mistakes Start
videoAsset Allocation Part 1 Start
videoAsset Allocation Part 2 Start
videoStock Index and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Start
videoDollar Cost Averaging Start
videoMomentum Filter - Moving Averages Start
videoValuation Principles Start
videoPlay a Different Game Start
videoCOVID Crisis, Long Term Investing, Dollar Cost Averaging and O'Reilly Start
videoWhat I would tell myself if I could go back in time 20 years Start
video100-Bagger Deep Dive example and GEDP Launch Start
Joshua Fong, CFA

Joshua Fong, CFA

Course Instructor