B: Investment Blueprint


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B: Investment Blueprint

About Course

Learn how to find wonderful businesses and value them in via an online course. Valuation spreadsheet and checklist provided.

How is this different?

  • Includes personal, one-on-one private coaching during the first year. (One 1-hr session per month, with additional 15-min sessions per week if necessary)
  • Once you have completed the core training material, we will work on researching some companies together. Think of it as hand-holding sessions, but you will need to do the work ;).
  • Unlimited email question and answer during the first year
  • Access to Group Coaching Classes (live once per month) and its recordings during the first year. This will be a mix of Question and Answer sessions, some teaching type sessions, some deep dive sessions to illustrate concepts.
  • Access to Education Portfolio and it's updates during the first year

Course content

videoWarnings and Disclaimers Start
videoWelcome and Logistics Start
video3 Simple Steps and Creating Workspace Start
videoMindset Start
videoGrowth Mindset Start
videoIdea Generation Start
videoMarket Valuation Start
videoLong Term Uptrend Start
videoSimple Wonderful Businesses Start
videoAccounting Start
videoAccounting Applied to Meta as example Start
videoFantastic Four Start
videoReturn on Equity (ROE) Part 1 Start
videoReturn on Equity (ROE) Part 2 Start
videoReturn on Invested Capital (ROIC) Start
videoGross Profitability Ratio Start
videoLow Debt Start
videoFlow Ratio Start
videoWorking Capital and Cash Conversion Start
videoManagement Criteria - Qualitative Start
videoManagement Criteria - Shares Issued Start
videoUseful Websites and Resources Start
videoValuation Approaches Start
videoSources of Return Start
videoArt of Valuation Start
videoPrice Earnings Ratio (PE Ratio) Start
videoPrice Earnings to Growth (PEG) Ratio Start
videoPrice to Book (PB) Ratio Start
videoDiscount Rate Start
videoMargin of Safety and PE Guide Start
videoEarnings Growth with PE Start
videoInvert and Estimate Future Returns Start
videoDeep Value, Enterprise Value and Operating Earnings Multiple Start
videoReal Estate and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Start
videoIRR Worksheet Start
videoWrap Up Start
videoDownload - Checklist Start
videoHow to use Spreadsheet Start
videoDownload - Spreadsheet Start
Joshua Fong, CFA

Joshua Fong, CFA

Course Instructor