C: Group Coaching and Education Portfolio

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C: Group Coaching and Education Portfolio

About Course

You will get access to Group coaching calls for one year from enrollment. Group coaching calls take place at 3pm Singapore Time, on the 1st Sunday of every month (except January) and 3rd Sat of every month (for general Questions and Answers)

You will get access to the last 12 months' Group Coaching Calls.

You will also get access to our Education Portfolio. Please note that this is purely for educational purposes and not to be taken as any form of advice or inducement to invest in any securities.

Course content

video20230205 Watchlist Part 3 and Model Portfolio Start
video20230305 Pool Corporation Start
video2022 Feb: Yum China Start
video2022 Mar: American Tower Start
video2022 Apr: Paypal Start
video2022 May: Review OLLI, Alibaba, Facebook Start
video2022 Jun: Kone Start
video2022 Jul: Watchlist Review Start
video2022 Aug: Unilever Start
video2022 Sep: CME Start
video2022 Oct: Lifestyle Communities Start
video2022 Nov: Watchlist Part 1 Start
video2022 Dec: Watchlist Part 2 Start
video2021 Jan: 18a Cabin, TWE, CME, BABA Start
video2021 Feb: Gamestop, Sheng Siong, CSL, FPH, Essex Start
video2021 Mar: Market Update and HUYA Start
video2021 Apr: Earnings drive growth, HUYA, ADSK Start
video2021 May: Risk, CHD, 22 Tenth Ave Part 1 Start
video2021 May: Risk, CHD, 22 Tenth Ave Part 2 Start
video2021 Jun: Volatility, OLLI Start
video2021 Jul: Baozun Start
video2021 Aug: China Risks, HUYA, BABA, Ping An Start
video2021 Sep: Alibaba Start
video2021 Oct: Verisign Start
video2021 Nov: Meta (FKA Facebook) Start
video2021 Dec: Micro-Mechanics Start
videoQ&A 2021 Dec Start
videoQ&A 2022 Jan Start
videoQ&A 2022 Feb Start
videoQ&A 2022 Mar Start
videoQ&A 2022 Apr Start
videoQ&A 2022 May Start
videoQ&A 2022 Jun Start
videoQ&A 2022 Jul Start
videoQ&A 2022 Aug Start
videoQ&A 2022 Sep (STOR etc) Start
videoQ&A 2022 Oct Start
videoQ&A 2022 Nov Start
videoQ&A 2022 Dec Start
videoQ&A 2023 Jan Start
videoQ&A 2023 Feb Start
videoQ&A 2023 Mar Start
videoEducation Portfolio at 3 Jan 2023 Start
videoEducation Portfolio at 22 Mar 2023 Start
Joshua Fong, CFA

Joshua Fong, CFA

Course Instructor